Computer Upgrades

Adirondack PC has been performing upgrades on desktop PCs & laptops for years.

Did you know that every single part inside your computer is upgradeable to something faster?

Did you know that we can perform an upgrade for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy a new system?

That's right! There are literally thousands of upgrade options available for your current PC.
A few common items are listed below:

Q: My computer is too old to run new software, or perform a certain task. Can you fix it?
A: Yes! We can figure out what your computer needs and install it for you. No hassles and no worries about buying the wrong parts yourself.

Q: How do your prices on upgrade parts compare to prices at stores like RadioShack or Best Buy?
A: I haven't seen a retail store yet that can come close to what I offer. I have reseller accounts with dozens of websites that let me buy parts at wholesale prices. This translates to more selection and better prices that I can pass onto you. Even if you add in the cost of professional installation, you should still expect to pay less than retail for these upgrades.

Q: I know what I'm doing and I want to perform the upgrade myself. Can I just buy the parts from you?
A: Yes. Please see our parts page.

Please contact us for more information on upgrades.

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