Adirondack PC - Labor Rate Details & Conditional Charges

The company's standard labor rate ($50.00/hr) applies to ALL labor performed at the request of a customer. 

Minimum Charges are computed as follows:

  • A ½-hr minimum charge applies to cases where the technician was already on-site at the time of request.

  • A 1-hr minimum charge applies to all cases in which a technician travels to the customer’s site with intent to service pre-existing equipment that is not being delivered by said technician.  The only exception is when the customer's site is extremely distant from our offices.

  • A ½-hr minimum charge for service, plus actual round-trip driving time (charged at the standard labor rate) applies to any case in which a technician must travel to a customer's site that is extremely distant from the AdirondackPC offices.  We may use our discretion as to whether or not a particular site is "extremely distant."

  • For service periods exceeding these minimums, actual time spent on-site will be rounded up to the nearest 15-minutes and added to your total bill accordingly.

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