We buy used Computers & Parts

Adirondack PC buys used computers, including non-functional units and spare parts.

Q: Why do you want this junk?
A: Our technicians can often rebuild old computers or use parts taken from units that don't even work.

Q: How much will you pay?
A: It depends. If you want to get rid of a complete computer system that is relatively new, I will give you a good deal for it. However keep in mind that I must be able to fix it up and sell it for more than I paid. With very old computers and junk, don't expect to make a fortune selling a basement full of old stuff. I will basically come and take it off your hands. However I will always give you some compensation so it sure beats loading up your truck and taking it all to the dump.

Q: I have a computer that doesn't even boot up. Do you still want it?
A: Yes. It probably has some usable parts.

Q: I don't have a complete system. Do you still want what I have?
A: Yes. The only exception is used printers without ink. I only buy used printers if I can first verify that they work and print.

Q: Will you come pick it up?
A: Yes. If you live near Chestertown, NY.

Q: How and when do I get paid?
A: I pay cash at pickup.

If you want to sell a computer system, parts, or a junk lot, please contact me and I will arrange for pickup.

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